How to Customize Your Pardot Unsubscribe Page

Step 1: Create a layout template

By default, the unsubscribe page uses the “Standard” layout template. You can edit the “Standard” template or create a brand new layout template. I recommend creating a brand new layout template that’s only used for the unsubscribe page.

Create a new layout template (Marketing > Landing Page > Layout Templates > New Layout Template). Name the template something descriptive, I’ve named mine “Unsubscribe Template” and paste your HTML into the template. Add the tag %%content%% where you want the unsubscribe text and button to appear.

Here’s what my HTML looks like:

Step 2: Add CSS styles for the unsusbcribe form

Next, add some CSS to your page to style the unsubscribe form. By default, there’s a 160px margin to the left of the re-subscribe button. To get rid of this you can add this CSS to your layout template:

You might also want to style the button and the text within the unsubscribe page. I’ve added the following styles for the button:

And finally, you can add some CSS to modify the rest of the text on the page

My full HTML and CSS looks like this:

Step 3: Edit the unsubscribe page

Once your page layout is ready, edit the unsubscribe page to push it live. To do this, navigate to Marketing > Emails > Unsubscribe Page, click edit and update the layout template.

Here’s what my finished unsubscribe page looks like.

Optional: Add your own copy

Optionally, you can update the copy for the unsubscribe text. This can be updated in the layout template under the form tab.

To update the message from “You have been successfully unsubscribed from email communications. If you did this in error, you may re-subscribe by clicking the button below.” to your custom message, replace %%form-before-form-content%% with your custom text.

To update this message “You have successfully resubscribed to email communications.” to your custom message, replace %%form-thank-you-content%% with your custom text.


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