8 Noteworthy Features in the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release

The Salesforce Summer ‘19 release is quickly approaching and soon you’ll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality. Here is a recap of 8 of my favorite features in the Salesforce Summer ’19 release, including enhanced related lists, new record view options, quick filters and more.

Key Dates

1. Enhanced Related Lists

Take your related lists to the next level. With Enhanced Related Lists, you can show up to 10 columns, resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text.

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2. Send Surveys for Free

No more licenses! You no longer need a license to create and send surveys. Anyone who has been assigned one of the provided four profiles can create and send unlimited surveys for free.

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3. Zoom Through Related Lists with Quick Filters

Use quick filters in your related lists to find the data that you’re looking for. Related list quick filters are different from regular list view filters in that they aren’t saved, persist only throughout your current session, and can’t be shared.

Quick filters aren’t available for the Assets, File, Other Related People, and Attachments related lists. For Enterprise Territory Management users, quick filters are available only for Accounts and only in the Assigned Territories and Users in Assigned Territories related lists.

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4. See More in Item Menus on the Navigation Bar

The number of recent items shown in item menus has increased from three to five. There are also some styling enhancements, including bold section names and separators, to make it easier to tell the different sections apart.

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5. Choose from Two Record View Options

Now you have two record page view default options. Choose between the current view—now called grouped view—and the new full view. Full view displays all details and related lists on the same page. If you’re transitioning to Lightning Experience, this view is similar to Salesforce Classic.

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6. Keep Users in the Know with Notification Builder

Send customized notifications when important events occur. For example, alert an account owner if a new support case is logged while trying to close a deal. Or, send a notification for a unique workflow built entirely with custom objects. Previously, you could send only standard notifications for use cases predefined by Salesforce. Notification Builder puts you in control of who needs to know what and when.

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7. Lightning Experience Adoption: In-App Guidance and Help Menu

Use clicks, not code to create in-app guidance to engage directly with your users. Write your own content, and include action buttons to an important URL of your choice in the prompts. You can pick the target audience and specify where the prompts appear and for how long.

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Celebrate Sales Milestones

Help your teams celebrate their successes. Toss some virtual confetti when reps reach a designated path stage, for example, winning an opportunity. You can choose the frequency, such as always for those hard-won victories or only sometimes for daily occurrences.

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Getting Release Ready

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