8 Salesforce Winter ’19 Features Pardot Admins Will Love

The Salesforce Winter ’19 release is packed with some great Pardot features. Here’s a recap of my favourite features including an easy way to opt in opted-out prospects synced to Salesforce, campaign member sync and more.

1. Keep Pardot and Salesforce Campaign Members in Sync

When your marketing team connects their Pardot and Salesforce campaigns, they don’t have to think twice about which system to use to add campaign members. Members that are added to Salesforce campaigns show up on connected records in Pardot, and vice versa.

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2. Filter Engagement Studio Canvas by Date

See how your program performed during a particular period. As always, you see quick stats for each step of the program. To view complete data again, select the All Time filter.

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3. Create Salesforce Campaign Members from Prospects

Along with Connected Campaigns, prospects associated with Pardot campaigns can now sync to connected Salesforce campaigns as campaign members. Turn on both Connected Campaigns and Member Sync to find Pardot-sourced prospects (first touch) in your Salesforce campaigns. When you turn them into contacts, we tell you which campaign influenced the deal.

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4. Easily Opt In Opted-Out Prospects Synced to Salesforce

Easily opt synced prospects back into Pardot emails. Previously, if the Prospect opted out field was selected, you couldn’t opt a synced prospect back into Pardot emails without a fight. You had to unverify the Salesforce-Pardot connector or try to update the records in both systems simultaneously. Now, Pardot admins can change this field’s sync behavior to allow users to overwrite a prospect’s opt-out status to make them mailable again. Users can opt in up to 100 prospects per day, per account.

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5. Integrate More Easily with the New Salesforce-Pardot Connector (New Accounts)

Version 2 of the Salesforce-Pardot connector is now available for new accounts. It’s more secure, doesn’t need a user license, and is always connected. It’s also easier to set up syncing between Pardot and Salesforce with the new integration user. You can pause syncing for prospects, custom objects, campaign members, and opportunities.

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6. Convert Engagement Programs to Allow Repeat (Beta)

Turn a successful engagement program into a powerhouse by adding the program reentry setting. Join this continuing beta to see what happens when you give prospects a second chance on an Engagement Studio program.

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7. Align Sales and Marketing on a Single Platform with Pardot in Lightning Experience (Generally Available)

Pardot in Lightning Experience helps your users be more productive by keeping them in Salesforce. The app is no longer a single tab, so gone are the days of using Pardot in a separate window and managing duplicated menus with confusing navigation. The app has all-new navigation and layout tailored for Lightning Experience.

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8. Sending Domains Table Updated

You can now see which of your domains are verified, and which are authenticated with DKIM or SPF. There’s also a new link to helpful instructions to verify and authenticate, and simple Check Now links to find out if your changes have taken effect.

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