4 Examples of Velocity Email Scripting in Marketo

Marketo’s velocity email scripting language allows you to create highly personalized emails, based on field values in your Marketo database. The scripting language can be used as a token within emails and as an alternative to Marketo’s dynamic content feature. Here are 4 examples of how you can use velocity scripts for more personalized Marketo emails.

Creating Velocity Scripts

Velocity scripts are created within a token under marketing activities inside a program or a folder.




Capitalize First Letter of the Lead’s First Name

This will captitalize the first letter of the lead’s first name, even if the value in the Marketo database is lowercase.

Hide First Name Salutation if the First Name Field is Empty

Hide the first name salutation if the first name field is empty using this script.

Greeting Based on Gender

Change the greeting in an email to Ms or Mr based on the lead’s gender.

Display Different Text Based on a Field Value

Display different text in an email based on a field value. This can be a little bit easier than setting up dynamic content, since you don’t have to create segmentation rules.


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