Using the Marketo API Q&A

I’ve worked on quite a few projects in the last couple years that involved using the Marketo API. Marketo does a great job outlining the API functionality in their developer documentation, but there are a couple questions that always seem to come up. Here are the answers to those questions that will hopefully save you some time.

I’m using the SOAP API and my Marketo instance is synced with Salesforce. Am I going to reach my API call limit?

The Marketo-SFDC sync does not consume any Marketo API call but is does consume your Salesforce API calls.

Is the API limit 10,000 calls per day for every Marketo customer?

Yes, the default API call limit is 10,000 per day. You can purchase more API calls from your Marketo representative.

I think I’m going to use more than 10,000 API calls per day. What can I do?

You can purchase more API calls from your Marketo representative, or batch the API calls instead of making one API call every time an event happens.

What will happen if I reach my daily limit of 10,000 API calls? Will Marketo try again?

You will need to have proper error handling. The error reason for too many API calls is “Daily Quota Reached”. Marketo won’t try again unless you specify it to within your error handling code.

What is the difference between the Marketo SOAP API and the Marketo REST API?

The REST API has better performance than the SOAP API. Marketo is also focusing on developing the REST API at the moment. The REST API also allows you to access Marketo assets while the SOAP API does not.

I’m get an error when making an API call. What do the error codes mean?

Check out this Marketo article which has a complete list of error codes their descriptions.

Do you have Marketo API questions?

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