Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015


2015 was the year I finally started blogging. I wrote dozens of tutorials and articles on email marketing, marketing automation and web design. I also wrote many vendor-specific posts on Pardot best practices & tips and advanced Marketo user tips & tricks. Out of the 39 blog posts I wrote in 2015, here’s a list of my top 10 post popular posts, based on unique page views.

  1. How To Use Conditional Comments To Target Outlook
    3,956 Unique Views

  2. How to Code a Responsive Landing Page in Marketo
    839 Unique Views

  3. How To Use UTM Parameters to Capture Lead Source
    692 Unique Views

  4. How to Use Cookies to Capture URL Parameters
    567 Unique Views

  5. Beautiful Emails for Your Inspiration: July 2015 Edition
    545 Unique Views

  6. Beautiful Emails for Your Inspiration: August 2015 Edition
    483 Unique Views

  7. Free Download: 42 Web Icons (SVG and Illustrator Format)
    345 Unique Views

  8. How the Integration Between Marketo & Salesforce Actually Works
    314 Unique Views

  9. 10 Beautifully Designed Welcome Emails For Your Inspiration
    289 Unique Views

  10. 5 Responsive Email Frameworks To Use For Your Next Project
    204 Unique Views

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