Keeping Up With The Pardashians: Episode #1

What’s happening in the Pardot Community?

⚠️ Pardot’s user authentication system is discontinued on Feb 15th. Enable Salesforce SSO, or your users will lose the ability to log into Pardot until they are connected to a Salesforce user.
🌱 More great features are coming to Pardot next month with the Spring ’21 release. Check out Lucy Mazalon’s top 8 features & updates and view all the upcoming features in the official release notes.
💡 Conditional options for completion actions? Yes, please! Upvote this idea to prioritize this feature over others on the product roadmap. While you’re at it, upvote these other ideas from Marcos Duran.
🎥 The moment you have all been waiting for. Back by popular demand…. ParDreamin’ 2020 videos are now available to watch online for free.
✉️ The new Lightning email experience for Pardot is finally here! Hannah Barron shares 5 best practices to ensure your emails are set up for success.
🌟 Only a couple of more days to apply to become a Salesforce Marketing Champion. Not sure if you should apply? Morgan Wiedmann shares what it takes to be a Marketing Champion on the latest episode of Pardot Life Hacks.