How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo: Tips and Best Practices

A couple weeks ago my company decided to switch from using WebEx for webinars to Zoom for webinars. Since Zoom doesn’t have a native integration with Marketo, you need to use Marketo web hooks to get the data from Marketo to Zoom. I’m going to share with you everything I learned from integrating the two platforms to save you some headaches if you run into the same issues.

Setting up the integration

A Zoom integration isn’t available as an installed service in Launchpoint, so a custom integration needs to be implemented using Marketo web hooks. This might sound a bit complicated by Zoom has a document that walks through all these steps available here.

Troubleshooting basics

You have your web hook setup and your testing flows are active, but the integration isn’t working as expected. To view the error messages related to integration, go to your registration flow in Marketo > click on the ‘results’ tab. If your form is setup correctly you should see your test lead in the list. If you don’t see your test lead in the list, there might be an issue with your Marketo form or your Marketo smart campaign.

If you do see a test lead in the list, there should be an activity type named ‘called web hook’. Click on the ID of the activity and you will be able to get the details of what went wrong when Marketo tried to send the data to Zoom.

Troubleshooting issue #1: Registrants aren’t syncing to Zoom

The webinar ID is incorrect

The first mistake I made when testing the Zoom integration in Marketo was leaving the dashes in the webinar ID when copying and pasting it into a token. If you’re experiencing issues with your registrations not syncing over to Zoom this is the first thing you should check.

The API key or secret is incorrect

If you look at your test lead’s activity log and see this message:
{“error”:{“code”:200,”message”:”Invalid api key or secret.”}}
check that you have entered the correct API information into Marketo AND into Zoom.

You are testing with the same email address as your Zoom user

If you try testing your Marketo form with the same email address that your Zoom account uses, your registration will not go through to Zoom. You will receive an error message that looks like this:
{“error”:{“code”:3027,”message”:”Host can not register”}}
The only solution is to try testing with a different email address.

Troubleshooting issue #2: The webinar attendees and no shows are not syncing back to Marketo

Once your webinar is complete, all attendee/non-attendee information should sync back to Marketo, if you setup the integration correctly. It wasn’t clear in the integration documentation that you need to select your smart campaign within Zoom when setting up your webinar. To do this, log in to Zoom and edit your webinar. Click on the integration tab and click edit under Enable integration with Marketo to create leads when someone registers or attends this webinar. Check the box for Send attendee information to a Smart Campaign and select your activated smart campaign for post-webinar.

Remember, this has to be done everytime you schedule a webinar.

Other learnings

The link to join the webinar is unique for each registrant

Each registrant has their own unique to join the webinar, meaning they don’t have to sign in to join the webinar.

The confirmation email must come from Zoom

When we used WebEx, the confirmation email would be sent through Marketo. With Zoom, the confirmation email has to come from Zoom, since the link to join the webinar is unique to the registrant and doesn’t sync to Marketo.


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