How I Use Trello To Manage My Blog Posts

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how I use Trello to consolidate all my blog post ideas and manage my posting schedule. I started using Trello about 5 months ago when my current method of using Evernote for my ideas and Google Calendar for my posting schedule was getting hard to manage.

What is Trello?

Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone. Trello boards consist of lists filled with cards, used with a team or by yourself.



I have enabled 2 Power-Ups for my board: the calendar Power-Up and the card aging Power-Up. The calendar Power-Up will give me a nice calendar view of all the blog posts I have scheduled. The card aging Power-Up will progressively make cards more transparent that have been inactive within the last 1, 2 and 3 weeks. Enabling card aging forces me to take a look at old blog post ideas and see if they should be archived/deleted.


My Lists

I have created 3 different lists in Trello

  1. Ideas
  2. Upcoming
  3. Completed


The ideas list is where I put all my ideas for blog posts. Each card is marked with a coloured label to indicate one of my 3 categories (Pardot, Marketo and Email Marketing/Misc). Not only does using custom labels make me more organized, it also gives me a visual overview of what type of content I need to focus on.



I reference any articles, links, or the source that sparked the post idea within the comments section.



When I’m ready to start writing and researching the blog post, I move the card into the upcoming list. I also set a due date for the post.


Setting the due dates allows me to use the calendar feature, where I can get an overview of what posts are scheduled.



After the post has been completed, I move the card to the completed list. I like to keep the current month’s articles in the completed list to remind me to pull the analytics for them. After a month, I archive the card.


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How do you manage your blog posts?

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