A Free Pardot Implementation Checklist and Planning Template

Starting a new Pardot implementation? Use this implementation plan and checklist to help get you started. Having just gone through a net-new Pardot implementation myself, I reviewed the official Pardot Implementation Guide and complied all the tasks into Notion where I can keep track of tasks, notes, and documentation. Not a Notion user? You can still view the template and use it as inspiration to create a checklist on your preferred platform.

Get the template

Open the template in your browser and click the duplicate button in the top right corner to copy the template to your Notion.

Get the template

Using the template

The template is broken out into 3 main sections; task lists, discovery notes and timeline.

Task lists

The task list pages have 4 sections; all tasks, migration tasks, set up task and planning tasks. The set up tasks include all the tasks listed in the official Pardot Implementation Guide.

Discovery Notes

The discovery notes section is a shell where you can place your notes. You can easily link to these pages directly from a task.


I use this view as a high-level timeline for each section. You can also add a timeline view for each individual task.

Do you have something to add to the template?

Send me a tweet @jennamolby, or leave a comment below to help out fellow Pardot users with their implementation.