4 Ways to Capture Lead Source in Marketo


Lead source is an important data point you need to capture in order to report on the value of your marketing campaigns. Marketo is flexible and offers a couple different ways to capture lead source. Here’s how to capture lead source in Marketo using these 4 different techniques.

1. Through a Marketo form, with a set, hidden value

The first and easiest way you can capture lead source in Marketo is to add source field to your form with a set value.



This technique is ideal when you have a couple standardized lead sources and when you use more than one form.

2. Through a Marketo form using URL parameters

Another easy way to capture lead source data is to use URL parameters and capture them in a form field. You can configure your Marketo form to look for any paramters in the URL.


This is a great, flexible way to capture lead source since you can have one standard form with many lead source values. The downside is that it will only capture the lead source if the visitor fills out the form on the landing page right away. If a visitor visits a landing page, navigates away and comes back, the parameters might not stay in the URL.

Learn more on how to use UTM parameters to capture lead source in this article.

3. Through a Marketo form using cookies

Another option, similar to using URL parameters, is to use cookies to store the lead source data. This technique still uses URL parameters but stores them as a cookie in the visitor’s browser. This allows for the visitor to navigate away from the landing page and if they convert through any form on your site, the source information will be the value of the visitor’s first touch-point.

Marketo offers the option to get value from cookie value, but it doesn’t store the cookie for you. You will need some javascript code embeded on your website to store the cookies.


Learn more on how to use cookies to capture URL parameters in this article.

4. Through a smart campaign flow step

You can also set the lead source value in a smart campaign flow step. This allows you to have many forms and set the source value without touching any form configurations.



What technique do you use to capture lead source in Marketo?

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